“I want to thank Daniel Berrios for all the massage treatments and personal training sessions throughout the winter .I have recovered from my injuries and I am stronger and more flexible than ever thank you for your care and expertise .”
Sincerely , William Makolin

“It was an amazing massage! It was very professional and the BEST one I’ve ever had!!! I will definitely come back for another session.”
Groupon Customer

“He is caring, knowledgeable, and skillful. Daniel is a wonderful massage therapist, a true healer. If you have a chronic pain or problem, he can help you as he helped me. I had been suffering for years with a debilitating foot problem that had not been diagnosed properly. When I first met Daniel, the doctor had told me my only option was surgery to cut my Achilles tendon to remove a bone spur, which I refused to do. After a few massages with Daniel I felt better, but he and I knew there was something still wrong with my foot. I was reluctant to look for a new doctor, but with Daniel’s support, I found another podiatrist who correctly diagnosed a 2-inch tear in my Achilles tendon. I underwent a sound wave procedure and was home from work for a month. Daniel and I worked twice a week (massage and training) for a year to rehabilitate my foot, leg, basically my whole body as the effects of the problem showed up in every aspect of my physical self. Progress has not always been smooth or easy but we worked together and I am very close to getting back to the sports I loved before this. I had almost lost hope that I would ever feel this healthy again, but thanks to Daniel,s skills and caring, I am feeling normal again. Daniel
is a healer of compassion and understanding.”

So I just got back from my massage by Daniel. I have to say, as I was walking home, I was “testing out” my neck by turning my head side to side and tilting back, I noticed a HUGE difference.  Like wow! Before Daniel massaged me, I had a pinching sensation when I turned my head to the left and when I tilted my head back. I don’t have any of that right now after the massage.  It is a miracle!  I don’t know what he did, but I am so impressed by the immediate relief in my neck. Now I need to maintain it.

He is clearly passionate about better health and fitness and helping people. He’s got a positive energy and laid back nature.

I will definitely be returning.

Cindy C.

Got a deep tissue massage here. The place was very clean and the room the massages are given sets a nice mood with the lighting and music. Already feeling the soreness (in the best way possible) and looking forward to appt. I booked in advance for next month. Friendly and enthusiastic staff.

Christina D.

Attending Daniel’s classes, I experienced a transformation in my fitness, health, and overall well-being in one year!
The boot camp, and personal training sessions have pushed me beyond my limit. Not only have I lost 20 pounds, I gained muscle tone in my abdominal area, back, and my arms! I can do push ups and pull ups (Guys version)!
I can’t believe it, but I actually have an incredible upper body strength!!!
He also educates you with supportive tips that you can take with you, and make self-care health changes in your life.
Daniel is a good resource to fitness-well being.

Esther N.

Unlimited Body NY is a great addition to the neighborhood!

I’ve been attending their boot camps regularly (they also offer kickboxing, yoga, zumba, etc) and after only a couple of weeks I’m already noticing a difference in my overall fitness, tone and muscle definition.

Danny is a very knowledgeable trainer and really changes the way you work out by emphasizing the mind/body connection in order to see results and maximize your workout.

The boot camp classes are at great times, are always different and the variety of the boo t amp classes makes the time pass quickly.

Highly recommend Unlimited Body NY if you’re serious about getting in shape and want results!

Kitty V.