Astoria Kids Martial Arts

Youth Fitness & Martial Arts

My Martial Arts program will help develop physical and mental strength through the different arts of Martial Arts (Boxing, Muay Thai, JiuJitsu, Wrestling, Kung Fu). My students will learn to focus, listen well, pay attention, follow rules, learn to share, help others and be a team player. The positive attitude that they will acquire through Martial Arts training will help create a positive lifestyle outside, at home, and in school as they grow. Your child will learn to understand that good things and great rewards come to those who earn them.

Glove Rank Promotion

Students must purchase their white gloves from their coach ($40) when they begin the program. They will have to EARN the gloves that follows (yellow, red, purple, green, blue, custom design) through consistent hard work and good behavior. Before earning each belt they must earn 4 coach’s initials. If a student begins to slack off or disobey rules, coach’s initials will be X from their gloves or their will be taken away until they correct themselves. I hope to build a positive and successful future for todays young generation not only in my Martial Arts program, but also outside, at home and in school. Your child’s behavior outside of Martial Arts class, at home and in school will also affect their promotion and rewards in my Martial Arts program.